Free and Simple Gift Ideas for the Holidays

With the Christmas season quickly approaching, a thoughtful, homemade gift might be the perfect way to go for your loved one. Whether you are trying to keep a tight budget, or want to give your loved one a gift that will show how much you truly care about them, free and simple gifting is the way to do it. With Covid-19 disrupting many peoples holiday plans, these gifts are a sure way to reach out to your loved ones, show them you care, and all while not breaking the bank. These meaningful gifts will help you connect with and show your love for your family and friends in a way that they will surely appreciate. Here are some free and simple presents to consider gifting this holiday season!

Free and simple gift ideas

free and simple gift ideas for the holidays

Memory jar

Grab a container like a mason jar and fill it up with memories of you and your loved one. Write out the memories on small pieces of paper, roll them up tight, and fill the jar with memories of good times. It’s always nice to hear that your loved one remembers and appreciates the times you have shared together. Reminiscing on fond memories is a great way to lift the spirit, so this gift will surely brighten your loved one’s day, especially if the effects of social distancing and isolation has got them down in the dumps.

Cook them a meal

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a good home cooked meal. Make your loved one their favorite meal and/or dessert and make a fun evening out of it. Let them sit back and enjoy the special treatment as you are their cook and server for the night. This is a great gift for that foodie in your life who’s love language is quality time and good food! If you are unable to be together due to COVID related restrictions, drop the meal of at your loved one’s door for them to enjoy.

‘Read this when…’ letters

This gift is perfect for the college student living away from home, or for your loved one who you can’t see during this pandemic. Write a handful of letters and seal them up in envelopes labelled with the time they should open it. Some examples might be for them to ‘Read this when…’ they are feeling lonely, had a bad day, or need a good laugh.

Create a photo calendar

This personal gift will mean the world to your loved one. This is a great gift for your relatives if you have a large immediate or extended family. Microsoft Word has a calendar format to make the creation of the calendar simple, all you have to do is personalize it! Mark your family member’s birthdays, anniversaries, other special dates and fill the calendar with lots of pictures of your family. They will think of you every day as they look at the calendar you designed for them.

Favorite recipes cookbook

This is a great gift for your grown-up kids this holiday season. Nothing is more comforting or nostalgic than a home cooked meal from your childhood. With many families being separated this holiday season, this could be a way for your kids to get a taste of that familiar holiday cooking when you can’t cook for them as you traditionally would. Nothing tops mom’s cooking but having the recipes on hand is a close second! Your kids will love this personalized gift and use it for years to come.

A year’s worth of outings

Grab 12 envelopes and start planning some fun things to do with you and your loved one. Whether this gift is for a spouse, a child, or a friend, they will appreciate and look forward to opening up one envelope a month and getting to spend some quality time with you. The outings can be big, small, or somewhere in between. One month could be a road trip to a neighbouring city while the next could be a trip to your favorite coffee shop. This is the gift that keeps on giving all year round! If COVID restrictions prevent you from doing a specific outing, save the envelope for another time or come up with an alternative and safe outing together!

Free and simple gift ideas for the holidays

free and simple gift ideas for the holidays

Consider these free and simple gifts as you plan for each of your loved ones. We at the Lethbridge Pregnancy Care Centre wish you Happy Holidays!


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