Date Night in Lethbridge

Below is a list we’ve put together on things for couples to do in Lethbridge. Relational ruts are easy to fall into. There comes a point where couples find themselves asking, “what should we do?” more often than they do stuff together. This creative block in the road may cause boredom, frustration, maybe binge-watching TV shows. Watching TV or movies with your partner may be a good time occasionally (and in moderation), but it’s important that you are growing and experiencing life together with them beyond a screen. (It’s hard to foster a healthy relationship based solely on this fantastic, yet time-consuming site.)

These habits can be hard to get out of, as you start to feel trapped in an uninspired haze, so we’ve done the work for you. Here are, in our opinion, some of the best date ideas to get you out of the house and exploring this beautiful town with your beloved:

For the adventurous couple: Kayaking in Henderson Lake Park or axe throwing

This beautiful location is ideal on a sunny, calm day. Just grab your kayaks and lifejackets and enjoy getting acquainted with some local, flighty wildlife. We recommend swimming attire in case things get a little too adventurous. Leave your phones at home and indulge in each other’s company or (if you can’t resist snapping the perfect Instagram picture) purchase some type of waterproof case with a flotation device. If you can manage to BYOK (Bring Your Own Kayak), this is a guaranteed good time.

Fancy yourselves adventurers but the weather is awful? Well, move indoors and head over to True North Axe Throwing to try your hand at this unique activity.

Henderson Lake Park – 1103 31a St. South
True North Axe Throwing – 318 17th St. South

Henderson Lake Park –
True North Axe Throwing –

For the bookworms: A trip to Echo Books or Analog Books

This local book store is any book lover’s dream. Though it may seem small on the outside, don’t be deceived. This book store is practically endless. There are so many books that one of them is bound to be your next favourite. Looking for this hidden gem is half the fun, and after you’ve scouted one out, you could continue the date by taking a short walk over to Bread Milk & Honey, where you can enjoy reading together over a pastry, wrap, sandwich, or beverage.

Echo Books –  325 5 St. South
Analog Books – 322 6 St South
Bread Milk & Honey – 427 5 St. South

Echo Books –
Analog Books –
Bread Milk & Honey –

For the nature lovers: Picnicking in Indian Battle Park

Make a trip to the local grocery store and purchase some fruit, chips, sandwiches, or whatever your food of choice may be to enjoy in this beautiful park. Either bring along a picnic blanket and sit among the trees or challenge yourselves to see if you can hike up to the gazebo and enjoy your food with a beautiful view of the bridge on your right and the coolies on your left.

Address: 200 Indian Battle Rd. South


For the thrill seekers: The Great Escape

Have you ever dreamed of being the star of action movie? Well this is practically the closest you can get, next to the real thing. Trying to escape from certain scenarios before the time runs out will surely get your heart pumping and adrenaline running. You can choose your difficulty level and the location, making for a pretty intense date night.

Address: 1806 3 Ave. South


For the art lovers: The Southern Alberta Art Gallery

If you or your loved one fancy yourself some beautiful artwork make the trip to visit the Southern Alberta Art Gallery.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery – 601 3 Ave. South

Southern Alberta Art Gallery –

For the prince and princess or the couple that loves to be pampered: Pedicures at Sunflower Nails & Spa

For a decent price, you can enjoy being pampered by the friendly and talented staff at Sunflower Nails & Spa. Enjoy feeling like king and queen of the world as they tend to any calluses and relieve your stress through the art of foot message.

Address:323 Bluefox Boulevard North


For the couple that loves to create: Ceramics painting

Let your creative juices flow at Color Me Mine. Walk in and paint yourselves some new mugs or participate in one of their workshops.

Address: 234-E 12B St N


For energetic or active couples: Yoga in the Garden or local runs

Keep yourselves active in a new and exciting way. Experience yoga in a stunning location or take part in some local runs.

Yoga in the Garden – Mayor Magrath Dr. South

Yoga in the Garden –
Runners Soul’s Run Calender –

For competitive couples (or kids at heart): Bowling, mini golf, paintballing, or breaking out the rollerblades or bikes

Duel against each other at any of the locations listed below. (Or at all of them and keep score of who does the best across the board!) An awesome way to let your competitive sides come out to play.

Holiday Bowl – 2825 2 Ave. South
Puttz Miniature Golf – 1720 Mayor Magrath Dr. South
Mini Golf – (Evergreen Golf Centre) 5225 24 Ave. South
Park Lake Paintball – Township Rd 102 , Shaughnessy

Holiday Bowl –
Puttz Miniature Golf –
Evergreen Miniature Golf –
Park Lake Paintball –

For the food dates: A breakfast date at Cora or ice cream at Milkman

With perhaps some of the most aesthetically pleasing food in Canada, Cora opens at 6am, making for the perfect breakfast before you run off to work. Milkman features delicious hand-made ice cream.

Cora: 3705 Mayor Magrath Dr. South #20
Milkman: 1522 9 Ave South


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