Everyone can help stop sexual violence, but not everyone always knows what to do.  What can YOU do to help?  We found the following on the Ontario government website, ontario.ca, as part of their action plan to stop sexual violence and harrassment.

Even as a bystander you can help stop sexual violence and harassment. Speak up and:

  • come to a victim’s defense if you witness sexual harassment and offer support
  • call the police if you witness sexual assault
  • tell the police if you see anyone adding something suspicious to another person’s drink
  • check in with your friends and any vulnerable individuals to see that they get home safely
  • say “no” if anyone tries to share private texts or snapchats they’ve received
  • refuse to join degrading conversations that keep sexism and sexual violence alive (and voice your disapproval)
  • Contact the proper authorities in emergencies when you aren’t comfortable directly intervening.

There’s more than one way to help. Be an ally to the cause and:

  • never blame the survivor
  • support anyone who tells you they’ve been sexually assaulted (1 in 3 women are)
  • educate your children about consent and healthy relationships
  • challenge the myths surrounding sexual violence and harassment