Top 10 Pregnancy Rumors (That Aren’t True!)

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  1. You can’t get pregnant if you’re both virgins.
    • Actually, you’re just as likely to get pregnant if it’s your first time or your fiftieth.
  2. You can’t get pregnant if you’ve never had your period.
    • You get pregnant when you ovulate, and sometimes that can happen right before you have intercourse, even if you haven’t had your first period.  Pregnancy before even getting a period is entirely possible and entirely common.
  3. You can’t get pregnant if you’re on your period.
    • Menstrual cycles are very unpredictable and vary, especially in teenagers, and a girl can easily get pregnant when she is on her period.
  4. You can’t get pregnancy if you are on birth control.
    • It happens!  A lot.  Birth control pills/shots can help in preventing pregnancy, but they’re not 100%, and they don’t protect against STI’s.
  5. If you do it girl-on-top, you can’t get pregnant.
    • Sperm are tough, and they are designed to fight gravity.  It doesn’t matter what position you’re in, you can get pregnant.
  6.   If you both leave your underwear on, you can’t get pregnant.
    • If this were true, condoms would be made of cloth, not latex.  Even if there isn’t any skin to skin contact, sperm can and will get through fabric and most other barriers.
  7. You can’t get pregnant if he pulls out.
    • This one is similar to #6.  Sperm don’t just come out in one big finish at the end – guys can ejaculate during intercourse as well, and it only takes one.
  8. Jumping up and down after sex will cause the sperm to leave your body.
    • On average, about 300 million sperm are released after each ejaculation.  Even if you managed to get a few out, there are still millions more left.
  9. Douching with Diet Coke will kill the sperm and prevent pregnancy.
    • Douching with anything will not prevent pregnancy.
  10. If the guy drinks two liters of Diet Coke before sex, she won’t get pregnant.
    • This rumor is either the greatest practical joke ever or there’s a bored kid somewhere doing some really odd science experiments  The fact is that nothing a guy drinks will kill his sperm or prevent him from being able to get someone pregnant.

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