How Much is Too Much?

wine glassAs we enter into the Christmas season, many people are going to parties and get-togethers and friends’ houses – so much celebrating, and it can be a wonderful time of year.  Often these events do include alcohol, and it again brings up the question, for a pregnant woman, how much is too much?

According to Canada’s Low Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines, “The safest option during pregnancy or when planning to become pregnant, or about to breastfeed, is to not drink alcohol at all.”

At all.  There is really no safe time to drink during pregnancy.  All types of alcohol can harm a fetus, and there is no known safe level of alcohol use during pregnancy.

So how can you support the pregnant women in your life during the Christmas season?  Here’s  a couple of suggestions:

  • avoid drinking around your pregnant friends – have some mocktails together!
  • tell people around her that there is no known safe time to drink alcohol during pregnancy and no known safe amount – information is power, and everyone needs to know this.
  • find events to attend together that don’t involve alcohol

Many women are more likely to avoid alcohol during pregnancy if their partners support them, so we can all make a difference.  Enjoy this Christmas season while encouraging the pregnant women in your life!

*Information taken from “The Prevention Conversation”, published by the Alberta Government.