Love Lives On

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If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll have noticed some posts about our new fundraising campaign, “Love Lives On”.  This is a 31 day fundraising campaign that will be taking place in the month of March, so starting tomorrow!

“No woman should feel pressured to have an abortion.” It was this conviction that recently led an anonymous donor to give $100,000 in matching funds earmarked for marketing and communications.  This donor had witnessed the good that was going on in pregnancy centres too often unnoticed and underutilized. Beginning March 1, 2014 CHIMP will be awarding matching funds with the intent of improving communications to Canadian women regarding the full range of options before them when facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Please consider giving to this campaign, and watch your dollars double!  Our goal is to raise $15,000 in March – please help us accomplish that so we can spread the word of what the LPCC has to offer across our city and surrounding area.