Gala 2013

The LPCC 2013 Gala, “Sharing the Journey”, was held on March 21 at the beautiful Coast Hotel.  Over 420 people were in attendance to enjoy a meal together, listen to our guest speakers, and most of all, to show their support for the Centre.

We were treated to the beautiful music of Musaeus before and during dinner, which really added to the formality of the evening.  Guests were requested to dress up, which made for such a beautiful evening.  Darryl Visser, a member of the Board of Trustees, served as our emcee.

After dinner, our 3 guest speakers shared with us the ministry and mission of the LPCC. Executive director Monica Moedt gave an update on the Centre, including the exciting news that a location had been secured at 118-8 St. S., Lethbridge.  She also spoke of the amazing support from the Christian community, with so many different churches represented.

Wendy Lowe, the Executive Director of the Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre spoke very passionately about the ministry of a Centre, and of the impact in has on lives.  Sharing stories of clients that she has journeyed with over 25 years, Wendy really brought home the importance of this ministry.

The highlight of the evening was a young woman named Maryse Doner, who came with Wendy. Maryse shared her story of an unplanned pregnancy, an abortion appointment, and the non-judgmental, listening ear of a CPCC volunteer. She brought many to tears as she thanked the Calgary Centre for their loving care, and was happy to share the news that she and her husband were proud parents to their little boy, and are now expecting a second.

Thanks to some strong supporters, no one had to purchase their ticket for dinner.  This also allowed all proceeds from the evening to go directly to the ministry of the Centre.  Over $78,000 was given to support the Lethbridge Pregnancy Care Centre through the Gala, and we are all so thankful.