Summer Newsletter Client Story

Have you ever experienced a season of life where it felt like
all the walls were closing in around you?

That is precisely how Heather* felt last year. While pregnant with her first child, Heather’s relationship struggles escalated to a point where she knew it was time to leave. But what about the pregnancy? Keeping the child would make it much harder for her, both legally, and financially. Heather had many questions and began to search for answers online.

She landed on the website for the Lethbridge Pregnancy Care Centre. A safe place to discuss her options with someone not directly involved seemed like a good place to start.

Heather soon discovered much more than a place to discuss her options. She experienced support, connection, and education. She found a place where she would be equipped to THRIVE. Heather made a choice to parent her child when she discovered the care and support available to her through the Lethbridge Pregnancy Care Centre.

The LPCC offers so much more to our clients than just a safe place to talk. We desire to see all our clients thrive.

That is why we offer material supports like maternity and infant clothing, diapers, wipes, baby blankets, and formula. It is why we run programs like Baby’s First Year, Post Abortion Experience, Post Adoption Support, Healthy Relationships, Grief and Loss, and Reaching My Goals. It is why we prioritize connecting our clients to additional community supports through referrals and interactive workshops.

Since the opening of our new classroom just 3 months ago, we have had 27 registrations for workshops and classes. The client feedback has been positive and full of gratitude.

Heather and the 262 other unique clients we have had the opportunity to support in 2022 are on a journey towards thriving and hope because of YOU!

Thank you!

*Name and details changed for privacy