Spring 2014 Newsletter Story 3

Sharing the Journey – Together.Gala 17

That’s what the annual “Sharing the Journey” Gala is all about – coming together to     celebrate what God is doing in His Centre.  A time to be able to share in the work that is being done and the lives that are being changed through your generosity and   support.Gala 27

It was a wonderful evening, full of good food and great company.  One of the highlights was definitely the spoken word presentation by Michael Willems who reminded us that while it’s easy to get caught up in the political arguments of abortion, we are all broken and we all need the saving love of Christ.

“The “Abortion Issue” is about someone who, now more than ever, needs to be reminded that they are loved.”  – Michael Willems

Gala 7It was great to be able to spend time talking about what has been going on in the Centre, sharing stories of how God is working and Gala 45lives are being changed.

There was also an invitation to join in the work that is being
done, and you responded wholeheartedly.  Over $73,000 was given just that evening, in addition tho those generous donors who had already covered the costs of the evening.  Special thanks also to our table hosts for your commitment to the success of this event.

“It was a spectacular evening – probably the best Gala yet.”