Newsletter Client Story

Shandy* had dreamt her whole life of visiting Canada. At the age of 12 she had started her own little business in order to save up for her dream trip. When she turned 17, Shandy was offered an opportunity to complete a 4 year degree abroad…and you guessed it…she was going to Canada!

She packed up her belongings, said goodbye to her family and friends, and left her little village of 400 people to travel across the world to the ‘big city’ of Lethbridge, Alberta. The first couple of weeks were so exciting, there was so much to see and experience. But by October, the homesickness set in and Shandy began to feel alone and so far away from her loved ones. It was just a few weeks later when she met Chad*. He was kind, handsome, and funny. He brought joy and excitement back to her life and Shandy was grateful to no longer be alone.

After 2 years, Chad and Shandy were both halfway through their schooling when Shandy discovered she was pregnant. What would this mean for her student Visa? How could she finish her schooling and have a baby? Beyond all that Shandy had saved up her whole life for this trip but she had never budgeted in a child and Chad was just getting by with what little he made working between classes. They had dreamed of a future with children…but it was meant to be a distant dream….

Shandy trusted this news with a friend who encouraged her to connect with the Lethbridge Pregnancy Care Centre. As an international student Shandy was afraid that asking for help could effect her Visa status. It was a big relief when she learned that the Centre was a safe space that she could get help without any negative ramifications, on top of that, it was FREE! Shandy came to the Centre to explore her options. She had never liked the idea of abortion…but she truly couldn’t see another way at this point. Her advocate was able to listen to her concerns and fears. She encouraged Shandy to talk to the school about making adjustments for her to be able to still complete her schooling. Shandy discovered that the school was surprisingly supportive and willing to help her find solutions. The financial concern was still very real for both Chad and Shandy, but they could breath a little easier when they learned the LPCC would be able to help them with many of the necessities like clothing, diapers, wipes, and a playpen. To top it all off, Shandy discovered community. She was able to participate in
LPCC workshops with other new moms where she could learn and grow both as a mother and woman.

All of this is made possible because of the support of our incredible community!

*Name and details changed to protect client privacy