Fall 2023 Newsletter Client Story

Client Story*

“I need to know all my options.” Savannah came to the Lethbridge Pregnancy Care Centre looking for information. She was the type of student who loved to research and understand. She dreamed of being a scientist, or maybe a doctor. Now at 23 years old she was suddenly asking questions she had never anticipated having to ask.

What does open adoption mean? How does a surgical abortion work? Are there financial helps for housing, and infant supplies should I choose to parent on my own?

Savannah found a safe place to ask her questions at the Centre. At first she felt drawn towards placing her child for adoption dreaming of a better future for them both. But as the time drew near Savannah grew a deep desire to parent and raise her little girl herself. With the desire to parent came many more questions. Savannah was thankful to have a caring and knowledgeable advocate through the LPCC to journey with her through her decision making process.

A year later, Savannah and her little girl were downtown for some appointments. They had a bit of extra time so they popped into the Centre to say hi. As Savannah sat visiting with the staff her little girl said her first word! “What a beautiful place to say your first word!” Savannah said. She was overjoyed that her little one had chosen this place that had become so special to her to say her first word and we were so privileged to be a part of their journey.

Although every client is unique, we hope they all receive the same experience where the Centre is a safe and caring space where they discover hope for their journey.

All of this is made possible because of the incredible support of our community!

*Story based on client experiences