Winter Newsletter Client Story

A happily married woman in her 40s. A teenager attending her local church youth group. The young college student with straight ‘As’. What do these three individuals have in common? They have all experienced an abortion decision. 

When *Tina first walked into the Centre, her circumstances seemed straightforward. She was pregnant and looking for a referral to a local midwife.

However, as Tina talked with the client advocate, she shared that she had experienced an abortion three years back. Tina started crying but was met with grace and a listening ear. After Tina gave birth to her baby girl, she returned to the Centre, where she expressed the desire to journey through a post-abortion program with her client advocate.

Tina is processing her past not only for herself but for her growing family. You can’t always tell who has experienced an abortion. The event may have been recent or happened years past. The LPCC exists as a safe place for anyone ready to process an abortion experience.

*Story based on LPCC client experiences