Winter 2024 Newsletter Story

Our mission statement declares that the Lethbridge Pregnancy Care Centre is a local Christian agency offering compassionate support and education to anyone facing unexpected pregnancy and pregnancy-related losses, as well as programs encouraging healthy relationships. You might wonder, what does that look like? Let us provide you with a glimpse of how these values translate into providing support to the individuals we serve.


Unexpected Pregnancy: An unexpected pregnancy can be earth-shaking for those it touches. This was certainly true for Dallas* and Nancy*. Dallas’s voice was calm and steady yet strained when he called in, saying, “My wife is pregnant…we hope you can help us better understand our options. We are just too old to have a baby.” Dallas and Nancy came in to meet with an advocate later that week. In their late 50s, planning for retirement and preparing to be empty nesters, this was a life-changing conversation for them, and they were appreciative to have found a safe place to talk.



Pregnancy-Related Losses: Whether through miscarriage, stillbirth, placing a child for adoption, or an abortion, pregnancy loss can leave a mark on those who experience it. Candace’s* experience had left her feeling alone and without hope. However, after working through a program with her LPCC advocate, Candace said, “Without the Centre, I would have continued to believe the lie that what I had done was unforgivable…I now know that I can walk out in freedom and am able to move forward in my journey.”



Healthy Relationships: Relationships can be complicated, as each of us brings in our own personalities, past experiences, and values. It is a joy to have opportunities to share with our community about how to build healthy relationships. Chad* was particularly impacted by a presentation on choices and relationships in his grade 10 class. “That part about the Healthy Relationships kinda hit home for me today…” At 15 years of age, Chad was in a new relationship with a young lady who had said she wanted to become physically intimate. Through the presentation, Chad was given the tools he needed to keep this new relationship on a track that respected his boundaries.


Each story shared reflects the impact of our mission, whether guiding individuals through unexpected pregnancies, offering solace amid pregnancy-related losses, or fostering healthier relationships within our community. We are grateful for the trust placed in us and remain dedicated to serving with compassion, empathy, and unwavering support. Together, we continue to make a meaningful difference, one story at a time.
*Client names and details changed to protect privacy.