10 Common Pregnancy Cravings

shutterstock_369896999Pregnant women and food seemingly go hand in hand. If you’re pregnant, you’ll likely be asked (if you haven’t been already) if you’ve been craving any weird and wonderful food combos. Most of us have heard the crazy craving stories. There’s the standard: pickles & ice cream, the slightly more adventurous: honey mustard sauce on EVERYTHING, the slightly concerning: dirt or clay* and everything in between!

Interestingly enough, it turns out that a lot of the cravings pregnant women experience can actually present themselves for a reason. Check out this enlightening article Baby Wants a Pickle! The 10 Most Common Pregnancy Cravings and Why We Have Them from familyeducation.com and see if any of your cravings rank among the most desired!

*These cravings can come from something called “pica”.   So if you find yourself fighting strong cravings for non-food items you should definitely mention in to your medical provider at your next prenatal visit.