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Surviving the Holidays

Tag:mental health

Christmas.  That magical time of year when everything seems just a little bit brighter.  There’s twinkling lights and peppermint drinks with functions and gatherings almost every night of the week. By the time we hit December, Christmas marketing has hit the saturation point and it’s nearly impossible to ignore the fact that the most wonderful […]

*Editor’s note: We all deal with stress, it’s part of life.  That being said, with finals in full swing and the hype of the holiday season everywhere we look, it’s natural to be feeling a little overwhelmed and more stressed than usual.  Our guest author (who just happens to be a post-secondary student herself) has learned […]

October 10th is World Mental Health Day.  From time to time we all experience feelings of stress, anxiety and sadness.  Sometimes we’re just super emotional, and that’s OK.  But sometimes, it’s more.  The best course of action is to be proactive about your mental health…and don’t be afraid to ask for help.  You don’t have […]

She's Pregnant, Now What?

*Editor’s note: Today on the blog we have guest author Aimee van Spronsen.  Aimee is currently a nursing student who is passionate about helping people and raising awareness.  She has some fantastic information to share with us about men’s mental health and the myths we often believe about it.  Mental health issues can affect anyone, […]

Postpartum Depression.  Chances are you’ve been around someone who has been affected.  Maybe you knew it, maybe you didn’t.  When we know that someone is struggling we often want to help; offer a kind word or some practical advice.  But what if no one actually asked for your advice and your words are more hurtful than helpful?  […]