Baby Bottle Campaign 2023 Champion Signup

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The LPCC Baby Bottle Campaign runs Mother’s Day (May 14th ) – Father’s Day (June 18th )

Our Baby Bottle Champions help bring this campaign to life at their local churches, school’s, and community groups. As a Champion you would be given digital materials to help promote the event as well as physical posters, and baby bottles to display. Participants from your group will then take the bottles home, starting Mother’s Day, fill them with cash, change, or cheques, and bring them back to be collected by Fathers day.

Baby Bottle Champions are asked to pick up physical materials for the campaign the first week of May.

There is a luncheon offered on Thursday, May 4th, at the LPCC for Champion’s who would like to tour the Centre, learn more about how to promote the campaign, and enjoy a yummy lunch with us.